The Memory of Good Flavors of the Past

For catering we are open on Friday and Saturday for dinner (20.30) and on Sundays and holidays for lunch (12.30).
For a group of at least 10 people we also open the other days always by reservation.
The set menu does not include drinks and consists of:

Appetizers (our salami, savory pies, sweet/savory muffins etc.), encore of first courses(rice, lasagna, crepes, dumplings, pasta, etc.), side second of meat with polenta and dishes, two desserts (homemade).

From the Ratta farmhouse (Cassina Rata with the dialectal word rata, steep and woody hill), traces have been found since the 16th century (about 1571), when it was inhabited by a 'family' (in the patriarchal sense) composed of 9 'souls'.

The farmhouse is located in the center of the Curone Valley Regional Park of Montevecchia and Valle del Curone) framed by a splendid hilly landscape, on the 'road' that long ago, most likely, connected Perego to the Merate plain.

For these paths have crossed the various populations that have inhabited the valley and its surroundings, from the Celts to the Lombards, from the Ligurians to the Romans, leaving traces of toponyms and traditions.


Mixed cold cuts from the Adda farm
Fresh Montevecchia cheese
Croutons with rosemary lentil cream
Porcini mushrooms from the Larian mountains in oil
Grana padano biscuits
Polenta crouton with lard and pepper honey
Carnaroli risotto with local sausage and Tenuta Ratta merlot
Crespelle with porcini mushrooms, bchamel and Curone valley cheese
Salmon trout fillet with almonds and fennel garnish
Baked stuffed turkey with stewed vegetables with spices
Panettone and pandoro with lemon and cinnamon custard
Compote of fresh fruit and dried fruit in the center of the table
Coffee accompanied with shortcrust pastry biscuits

Cost per person, excluding wine 60.00


Friday and Saturday for lunch it is possible to book the Menu

Appetizers (cold cuts, savory pies, omelettes, pickled vegetables from our garden, etc.), a first course, a second course with side dish, a sweet treat, coffee and water (wine excluded) at 40, 00 euros

Special menu for anniversaries, ceremonies and business meetings

Almost all the ingredients of the menu are or of our production (the wine, cold cuts, pork, poultry, eggs, honey, vegetables, etc.) and / or of local farms of the carefully selected Terrealte Consortium.

In summer it is also possible to eat outdoors, and in the late afternoon on Sunday it is possible to taste wines accompanied by platters with cold cuts, cold cuts and vegetables.