Tenuta Ratta Soc. Agricola Semplice Di Eleonora e Matteo Epifanio
A truly relaxing environment awaits you at this country farmstead.
It is almost like coming home to the cozy warmth of your own house after a long, tiring day of travel, daily grind of work, hectic traffic, or the gray-dinginess of the city. A peaceful stay in this magical place is a real cure-all.
Guests will feel comfortable throughout the house: in the living room to have a nice chat, the den with a fireplace for curling up and reading a book, and the 'angel guest room' where you can cuddle up for a sound night's sleep, are all equally inviting and almost familiar. Feeling be taken back to your childhood by the mouth-watering smells coming from the kitchen, and taste the delicious cooking.

The Agriturismo Ratta ('Rata' in dialect) can be traced back to the sixteenth century (about 1571) when it belonged to a patriarchal family of nine people.

The name 'Ratta' itself could be considered the name of the area. It is situated in the center of the Curone Valley (in the Regional Park of Montevecchia and the Curone Valley ), framed by a spectacular view of rolling hills, and located on a path that long ago, most likely connected the Perego and Merate plains.

On this path, various ancient peoples would have encountered each other in passing: the Celts and Longobards (for whom the nearby Lombardy region got its name), the Ligurians and Romans, all leaving their mark on the region with place-names to traditions.